New live feed about the situation at the european borders!

Stay in touch with what is happening during the long summer of migration in Europe

New live feed about the situation at the borders!

Europe is currently experiencing the long summer of migration. While in
the beginning of September 2015, the events were centred on Hungary,
Austria and Germany, by now the situation has moved South, towards
Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey.

In this live feed, provided by the network Welcome To Europe, we are
gathering, on a day to day basis, verified information. By this, we aim at:

1. inform on the changing patterns of refugee reception and border
closures in the various countries between Turkey and the different
countries of destination
2. inform on the humanitarian situation enfolding at the different sites
3. contribute to the coordination of voluntary solidarity and support
4. providing verified information

The European Union and its member states have failed miserably at
dealing with the situation, i.e. providing reception and accomodation
infrastructure for refugees, opening up safe passages for refugees
towards shelter and protection and providing accurate and relevant
information. We will have to do it ourselves. Join the effort!

If you have any updates, additional information, any questions etc,
please get in touch:


the Welcome2Europe team