Sustaining our Activism: Building Resilient Communities

Workshop in the UK in 26.3-2.4 2016. To sustain our work for social change we need to feel empowered, nourished and creative.
In these workshops we will explore tools and strategies for finding inspiration, hope, and ways forward through the ups and downs, to keep going for the long haul.

·       An 8-day residential workshop, 26th March – 2rd April 2016 (details below). A sustaining activism training in The Netherlands (+/-June) and Germany (+/-September)

·       We can run workshops with your group or organisation.

These workshops are for anyone working for social change – whether that means building community through arts or events, organising campaigns, resisting injustice, building alternatives or taking direct action.

The workshops provide an opportunity to get away from our busy lives and take stock, taking time to reflect and learn from our experiences, and build resilience. We will question the long term viability and sustainability of the ways that we work personally and in our groups, highlighting ways of working that if left un-noticed can produce conflict, physical and mental ill health, trauma and exhaustion.
We will develop skills, practices and ideas to help us make changes in our day to day lives that will support our wellbeing and explore ways of working which keep ourselves, our groups, and our communities sustained and effective in the struggle for social, economic and ecological justice.

8 day residential workshop 26th March – 2rd April

(Arriving evening of 25th March, leaving morning of 3rd April)

This workshop will take place in a beautiful setting that will provide ideal conditions for reflection and renewal. We hope to bring together a diverse group of people, from across the UK and Europe, involved in a wide variety of issues and projects, who are keen to share their learning with their networks.

To make the workshop as accessible as we can, we are asking you to make a contribution towards the workshop costs based on a sliding scale of between £20 – £500 (this includes accommodation and all meals). In addition, we are looking for grant funding, but this is not yet secured. We will know early in the new year if we have enough funding to go ahead with the workshop. In the meanwhile, please send us an email if you are interested in participating. Places are limited.

This course will be facilitated by: Kathryn (, Claire ( ), Jake ( ) and Mara ( &

If you are interested in participating in any of these workshops, or you would like to discuss us running a workshop with your group or organisation, please email us so we can keep you updated:

We’re looking forward to it all!