“LAUtonomia”, new occupation in the lignite mining area in Lusatia, Germany

obrThe occupation is an open space – we invite all of you warmly to live and fight there with us. Come around, move in, join in!

Weißwasser, 7th March 2016: On Saturday, the 5th of March 2016, activists set up an occupation they are calling “LAUtonomia“ in the mining area of the Nochten mine in Germany’s second largest lignite mining area in Lusatia. With their action they want to prevent the mine from progressing any further and start a long-term resistant project in the area.
In the early morning hours of Saturday, the activists pulled a couple of platforms up into the trees. The occupied trees are right on the edge of the clearing next to the Nochten mine. Leonie Gruber, who was part of the construction work, explains: “The people involved with LAUtonomia are people of all different kinds of backgrounds who want to establish an open room for actions of resistance in Lusatia.“

The excavation area of the Nochten mine is situated in Saxony and is supposed to be expanded. In 2016, lignite mining in Lusatia shifted into the public focus due to the expansion and the upcoming sale of the lignite division of the energy company Vattenfall.

On their website the activists also announce their resistance against the military training area and factory farms in the region. „This rural area shows various kinds of the implications of a capitalist economy characterised by hierarchy and domination“, says Gruber.

For decades, local initiatives from Lusatia have been opposing the mining. Ende Gelaende, an action alliance, also  announced activities in the area. According to their own statements, the LAUtonomia activists want to add to this resistance and broaden it. Hence, a variety of actions are to be expected this summer.
Everyone is invited to their Forest Festival on Sunday, 13^th of March – come and enjoy music, coffee and cake.

For more information on the Forest Festival and the occupation:
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The occupation is situated roughly between Berlin and Dresden. When you are between the villages „Schleife“ and „Mühlrose“, you take the road „Weißwasserweg“ at „Mühlrose Ausbau“. When you are in the forest, take the third street to the right, then keep to the right. Until a certain point the forest is freely accessible, and it’s best if you park your car along the road before you reach that point. Then you walk the path straight ahead until you see a clearing on your right, right before the cutting edge. There you’ll find the occupied trees. The way will also be signposted.