8 points for 8 March: not one hour less of strike!

8 points for 8 March. This is the political platform developed by 2000 people who attended a national assembly in Bologna on the 4th and 5th of February: they carried on the work on the Feminist Plan against male violence and they are organizing a Women’s Strike on 8 March, a strike which involves many countries around the world. These points express the rejection of every form of gender-based violence: oppression, exploitation, sexism, racism, homo- and trans-phobia.
On 8 March we strike interrupting any kind of productive and reproductive activity: male violence against women won’t be tackled with a tightening of punishments – such as the life sentence for femicide perpetrators bill that is now under discussion before the Chamber of Deputies – but only with a radical transformation of society. We will take the streets one more time in every city, with marches, public assemblies, creative demonstrations.
We strike to affirm our strength. We restate one more time the request for all labor unions to invoke, for that day, a general strike of 24 hours – Not One Hour Less – and we ask all labor union confederations, and in particular Cgil, to publicly answer to the call for a general strike.
Why We Strike
The only answer to violence is the autonomy of women
We strike against the transformation of anti-violence centers into neutral care services. These centers are and must remain laic and independent spaces for women, feminist spaces that activate cultural transformation processes able to modify those structural dynamics that generate male violence on women and gender-based violence. We refuse the so-called Code Rose and its institutional implementation, and every kind of repressive intervention and contingency plan. We demand that anti-violence centers are actively involved in the organization of any initiative to tackle gender-based violence.
Without effectiveness of rights there is no justice nor liberty for women  
We strike because we want the full implementation of the Istanbul Convention against every form of male violence against women: from psychological violence to violence online and via social media platforms, to sexual harassment in the workplace. We demand that women have fast access to justice, with immediate protection for all women, whether they are with or without child, native or foreigners on Italian soil. We want the sole custody for the mother in case of violence committed by the father. We want trained law professionals so that women won’t be re-victimized.      
Our Bodies, Our Health, Our Pleasure: Our Choice   
We strike because we demand free and safe abortion, and the abrogation of conscientious objection. We strike against obstetric violence, we strike for free and full access to the Ru486, administered in day hospital and until the 63rd day. We strike against abortion stigma and we refuse sanctions against women who have abortions outside legal procedures due to high rates of conscientious objection: we strike so that everyone should exercise their right to self-determination. We want to overcome gender binarism, we want more self-training on contraception and sexually transmitted diseases, and family counseling opened to LGBTQI individuals’ needs and desires, independently from their physical and material conditions, age and passport.
If our lives have no value, we strike!
We strike to lay claim to the right to economic self-determination, to break free from violent relationships, to rebel against lives regulated by precarity, because we do not accept that every moment of our lives is transformed into labor. We strike for a European minimum salary, because we are no longer willing to accept miserable wages, neither that another woman, often a migrant one, is forced to provide underpaid and unprotected domestic and care work; we strike for a true welfare system for all women, based on women actual needs, which can liberate us from the obligation to work more and more in order to reproduce our lives.
We want to be free to move or stay. Against any border: residence permit, asylum, rights, citizenship and ius soli 
We strike against the violence of borders, of Centers for detention, of deportations that prevent the freedom of migrants women, we strike against the institutional racism that promote sexual division of labor. We support migrants women’s and lgbtqi people’s  struggles against securitarian immigration policies! We demand unconditional residence permits, not bound by work, education or family, and we demand to grant asylum to every migrant woman who is a victim of violence, and full citizenship for anyone who is born or raised in this country and for every migrant who has been living and working here for many years.
We want to tackle the culture of violence through education
We strike so that diversity education is included in every school grade, from nursery school to university, in order to make public school crucial to preventing and tackling male violence against women, and every form of gender-based violence. We do not care for a generic promotion of equal opportunity policies, we want to foster true critical thinking concerning power relations between genders and stereotypical models of femininity and masculinity. We strike against the educational system of the “Buona Scuola” (law 107) which prevents the education system to become a true laboratory for engaged citizenship, one that could be able to raise happy, free and self-determined people.
We want to make room for feminisms  
We strike because violence and sexism are structural elements of our societies and they do not spare even our spaces and collectivities. We strike to build political and physical transfeminist and anti-sexist spaces, spaces where we can practice resistance and self-management, spaces that are free from hierarchies of power, free from sexual division of labor, and most of all free from harassment. We want to build a new culture of consent, where the many and not the ffeels responsible for dealing with sexism; we want to experiment trans-feminist modes of sociality, care and relationships. We strike so that feminism is no more a specific theme, but it becomes an all-encompassing lens through which one can read the world.
We reject sexist and misogynist languages
We strike against the misogynist, sexist, racist and discriminatory against LGBTQI people media landscape. We want to overturn the representation of women victims of violence as compliant and passive, and the representation of our bodies as objects. We act with every media and within any media to communicate our words, our faces, our rebel un-stereotyped bodies, full of unprecedented desires.
If our lives have no value, we strike. #NonUnaDiMeno #LottoMarzo