Call to Support the International Anarchist Defense Fund

The International Anarchist Defence Fund is collective solidarity structure
which provides support to anarchists around the world who are persecuted or
find themselves in a difficult life situation because of their political
ideas or activities.

This is a collective structure because anyone who makes an annual
donation of $20U.S./€20/£15 can join the decision-making body that
decides if a certain request is supported by the fund. Decisions are
taken online by consensus, or by a simple majority vote if consensus is
not possible.

At the moment, they need the support of volunteers that is described in
this post

A-Fund turned one year this September. This was the time when we issued
our first call for joining the project last year. It took us another
half a year to figure out collective processes and the concept of the
fund. We have tried our best to reach out to groups with a call to
donate, but so far we haven’t received as much feedback as we were
expecting. The lack of publicity results in low number of donations, and
this situation can eventually lead to the loss of interest from the side
of support-seekers. We would like to provide bigger support, but this
involves attracting more donations. We are determined to break this
vicious circle. But we need your help.

So, as our next steps, we have identified reaching out to all possible
anarchist groups, asking them to spread information about the fund,
spread our flyers, put a banner on their websites, putting
advertisements in anarchist magazines, etc. But the problem is that we
don’t know so many languages and contexts, that’s why we need the help
of volunteers from all imaginable countries and regions who would help
us compile a comprehensive list of anarchist collectives in their
regions, get links to their websites and contacts.

If you are one of these people, please feel free to contact us at

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