Help-desk workshop: Grant writing

A successful grant application can get you money and allow you to implement your project ideas or make them more sustainable.

In these two sessions we will go into the motivations behind grant applications and learn how to identify suitable and unsuitable funders. We will touch on the non-profit industrial complex, introducing some ideas from “The Revolution Will Not Be Funded” by INCITE and examining how we can survive under capitalism and other oppressions and do necessary and sustainable community, artistic and activist work.

We will cover best practice in all basic elements of developing a project and writing a grant application including project proposal, budget and timelines. This interactive lecture will give you the tools to get cracking on your next funding application and identify areas you need to work on. Please bring a project or project idea with you as we will learn by doing!

Duration of the workshop: 2 days
When: 08th and 15th August – 18:30

Where: @oya_bar
Mariannenstr. 06
10997 Berlin