EVENT – Presentation and Discussion: Russia, Ukraine, Spain – our struggles for social justice

All 3 of our EVS volunteers invite you to this international evening on Thursday, 18.10. in NYimB. We’ve got their unique perspectives on the social justice movements in Russia, Ukraine and Spain. It’s gonna be an evening packed with content, so please come on time! We’ll also make space for questions and discussion, so bring your curiosity too!

(Note: we are not experts, just young activists, so we’re also open to input from other sources of knowledge/experiences)

EVENT – Reading Circle on Feminist Peace and Conflict Theory

Join us this Thursday for the second event in the series ‘Connecting peace-building communities across Europe‘. This Thursday we’ll be discussing the text ‘Feminist Peace and Conflict Theory’ by Annette Weber together.

Don’t miss it! 19:00 at NYimB (please come whether you’ve had a chance to read the text in advance or not, we’re open to all levels of engagement)

Open position in the EYFA collective in Berlin (starting November/December 2018)

What is the EYFA collective?

We are a small collective of activists that supports an informal network of grassroots groups across europe in their approach to social and environmental justice.

EYFA strives for a world based on social, environmental and economic justice, in which people feel empowered to act and raise their voices on the issues that affect their lives. EYFA works to challenge the dominant neoliberal social and economic system, while developing new anti-authoritarian ways of organising our communities based on environmental and social sustainability. EYFA projects are mainly for young people, serving as a catalyst for action on local and international levels. A special focus is put on providing access for groups to take part in international grassroots social movements.

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LUSH Spring Prize 2019

Great news: LUSH is open for applications for their Spring Prize 2019!

Applications are open from 24th September until 9th November (10:00am GMT) 2018

The prize is for social and environmental regeneration, for organisations working to revive damaged social and natural environments. It will again be awarded to 11 projects in 4 categories: for Intentional Projects (under a year old), Young Projects (1-5 years old), Established Projects (over 5 years old), and for Influence (for campaigning).

For more information about what they are looking for, and the kind of projects that have won previously, see their website https://springprize.org/the-prizes/ .