LUSH Spring Prize 2019

Great news: LUSH is open for applications for their Spring Prize 2019!

Applications are open from 24th September until 9th November (10:00am GMT) 2018

The prize is for social and environmental regeneration, for organisations working to revive damaged social and natural environments. It will again be awarded to 11 projects in 4 categories: for Intentional Projects (under a year old), Young Projects (1-5 years old), Established Projects (over 5 years old), and for Influence (for campaigning).

For more information about what they are looking for, and the kind of projects that have won previously, see their website .

Call for an Intergalactic Week on the ZAD

zad intergalactic posterAugust 27 to September 2, 2018

After the long awaited victory against the airport project, we are trying to lift ourselves out of the brutal spring, a season marked by two phases of evictions in which the government made sure to avenge the affront that the zad had represented for so many years. The massive police operations caused many injuries, the destruction of a part of
the living spaces of the zad and a long military presence. But the state was forced to give up going any further and entirely eradicating our presence in this bocage.

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Crowdfunding Campaign

We’d like to share with you our crowdfunding campaign:

EYFA is a european network of individuals, grassroots organisations and collectives working to transform communities in their approach to environmental, social, political and economic positions.
EYFA strives for a world based on social, environmental and economic justice, in which people feel empowered to act and raise their voices on the issues that affect their lives.
EYFA works to challenge the dominant neoliberal social and economic system, while developing new ways of organising our communities based on environmental and social sustainability.

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.on Activists Events 2018

On this newsletter 2018 you will find a collection of exciting events taking place in 2018.

Check it before you go for your holiday, there is a huge chance you will change your plans and join one of them.

If you know of other events that have not been included in this newsletter, please, write us back to eyfa(at) and we will add it here!

Online newsletter

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