Movies for Climate Justice

flyerKitchen for All & Movie Screening – every second Wednesday of the Month

Starting from 11th March we’ll be inviting you to take part in a monthly movie screening event. We’ll be preparing and serving vegan meals and show a documentary about environmental topics. After the movie we ‘ll have the chance to discuss possibilities to engage for climate justice.


We are two EVS volunteers who are in Berlin for one year and we want to take action for sustainable future in our neighbourhood.
Come and join, we are looking forward to get to know you!

11th March: Do the Math (2013, 45 min)
8th April: Disruption (2014, 52min)
13th May: There is no tomorrow (2012, 35min)

10th June: Gasland (2010, 104min)
8th July: Gasland II (2013, 125min)
12th August: Meat the Truth (2008, 74min)
9th September: The Power of Community (2006, 53min)
14th October: Green Planet (2006, 53min)

11th November: An inconvenient truth (2006, 96min)