How accessible is climate justice?

We are very happy to present our handbook “How to create an intersectional movement”, which captures the lessons that emerged from three different panel discussions at the BIPoC Climate Justice Conference. We believe that these discussions were helpful and very relevant. We hope it can ignite fruitful discussion for the climate justice movement and other movements in the coming years. This handbook was created in collaboration with the BIPoC Climate Justice Network.

Share it around so that our social movements for climate justice are inspired with valuable input towards make it more accessible.

Learning Documentation: Palestine

As part of the series ‘Learning Documentation’ we are gonna have a talk with Majed Abusalama, an activist from Gaza and part of several anti-racist and anti-colonial groups in Germany.

The evening counts with an exhibition with photos from Ahmad Al-Bazz, Keren Manor, Mahmoud Abusalama, Mohammed Zaanoun & the martyr Yaser Murtaja. They are all photo journalists and activists based in Palestine and documenting everyday’s resistance.

Please write to <> with the subject ‘Learning doc – Palestine> to register.

The event takes places next Monday, 7th of November, in Berlin – Kreuzberg. The venue has limited amount of places, the full address will be sent after attendance confirmation.

Please come tested!!
There is also the possibility to test directly at the venue.

Queer Elsewhere: Zine release

The participants of our youth gathering Queer Elsewhere last summer came together to create a zine about the practice of self-care in the queer BIPoC activist community. This collective process was documented in this zine, it also contains self-care tools. We are very happy to invite you to the two release events we have planned in Berlin, on the 19th of November, and in Barcelona, on the 10th of December. Each event will count with the presence of two of the participants of our gathering, who will be presenting the zine, as well as leading a group discussion about the need for collective self-care for young queer BIPoC activists.

Due to the ongoing pandemic the events have reduced capacity, please write us for registration.

Turnt Up – Music camp

Do you want to play in a band?
Now you can! Let’s kick out the jams!

TURNT UP! Is a free music camp for girls, women, queer, trans*, intersexual and non-binary young people between 16 and 27 years of age.

Encouraged by our wonderful coaches, participants will learn instruments and play in a band.

We will have fun, make friends and write songs.

Come as you are – we all have different experiences and will support each other to take and give space. There will be an awareness team at the camp.

Register here:

24th October to 29th October 2022
Monday to Saturday
From 10am to 3pm
KMA Antenne, Friedrichstraße 2-3, 10969 Berlin
U-Bahnhof: Hallesches Tor

A collaboration between ATEM e.V. and LOOM e.V.
Funded by Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung
Supported by the KMA and EYFA

Learning Documentation- Street exhibition

The Learning Documentation project is a series of events that focus on the documentation of resistance movements that vision towards social & political change and justice. The exhibition showcases protests and revolutionary actions from different corners of the world including Mexico, Chile, Germany, Palestine and Sudan that symbolize the power of community organizing and collective action against systemic oppression and injustices. The struggle for liberation in our times has been accelerated by the internet and the ability of the people to control and shape narratives of their realities. The impact of documentation has been realized in international mass mobilizations and solidarity while opening up dialogue of important issues that affect our right to live freely.

We wish to highlight the important work of photographers who are connected to the struggles they document, as a critical part of movements and not as passive observers. As witnesses of history, we honour this form of storytelling that brings not only visibility but humanity to our struggles.

* Open air / street exhibition *

30th Aug – 02nd Sept from 11am – 6pm
03rd Sept from 11am to 3pm

Where? at Marielle Franco Platz
in front of New Yorck im Bethanien,
Mariannenplatz , 2a – Berlin

Black Farming Weekend

The event is organised by 3 Black people, Abeni from the @blackearthkollektiv and Black Wendland as well as Karla and Nicole, co-funders of @alotifarm . We are interest in farming in practical as well as politcal and spirutual terms and our goal is to to reclaim and heal our connection to the land.

We are plannning to have a skill share format for the weekend, so every participant can share their perspectives, experiences, questions, knowledge about farming, and specially african indigenous farming techniques. We will have both discussions groups and practical sessions to work the land of aloti farm.

The weekend will take place at Arruda, a self organised queer-feminist living project in Brandenburg with an intersectional approach and anti-discriminatory Seminar House. Arruda also hosts the newly founded aloti-farm, a farm run by a small collective of racialized people.

This is an event for Black people / people of african-descend only.

30 Sept – 02 Oct
Registration <>

Queer Elsewhere – Exploring intersecting oppressions of queer migrant youth

We are happy to announce that together with our partner @casakua, we are organizing a week-long international youth gathering ‘Queer elsewhere – Exploring intersecting oppressions of queer migrant youth’ at La Bassa Mar, Spain next month.

We are preparing a whole week of activities where we can exchange our experiences as queer migrants / marginalized youth, exploring parts of our identities that are often unseen.

Let’s create space to grow, to learn / unlearn and strengthen our communities in a loving and caring way.

The registration form is below. Read it carefully and if you feel like this activity is for you then please apply! The gathering is open to youth (18 – 30 yo) based anywhere in Europe. Travel costs, accommodation and food are provided.

We are looking forward to meeting you.
And, like always, kindly share ❤️

Official Call-Out / Application Form

* This activity is co-funded by the European Youth Foundation – Council of Europe & Movement Hub

Decolonizing sexual health

From the global distribution of sexual health resources to our most intimate interactions with our partners, colonization’s impacts can be still felt and seen.

What are the ways colonization has created damage with regard to sexual health? How does such damage unequally impact certain communities more than others? What does decolonization mean in the context of sexuality and sexual health?

These questions will be addressed in this space. Through various inputs and groups/individual activities, the history and narratives around sexual health will be explored.

We will reflect on how historical events and narratives still play out in our contemporary engagement with sexually transmitted infections, and how cultural practices inform current policies and regulations around sexual health.

Finally, we will reflect on how to reclaim power and freedom in sexuality.

When: 24th August 2022 – 18:00
Where: @casakua
Naunynstr. 72, Kreuzberg

This workshop and all EYFA events are free of charge.