Turnt Up – Music camp

Do you want to play in a band?
Now you can! Let’s kick out the jams!

TURNT UP! Is a free music camp for girls, women, queer, trans*, intersexual and non-binary young people between 16 and 27 years of age.

Encouraged by our wonderful coaches, participants will learn instruments and play in a band.

We will have fun, make friends and write songs.

Come as you are – we all have different experiences and will support each other to take and give space. There will be an awareness team at the camp.

Register here: http://atemberlin.com/

24th October to 29th October 2022
Monday to Saturday
From 10am to 3pm
KMA Antenne, Friedrichstraße 2-3, 10969 Berlin
U-Bahnhof: Hallesches Tor

A collaboration between ATEM e.V. and LOOM e.V.
Funded by Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung
Supported by the KMA and EYFA

Learning Documentation- Street exhibition

The Learning Documentation project is a series of events that focus on the documentation of resistance movements that vision towards social & political change and justice. The exhibition showcases protests and revolutionary actions from different corners of the world including Mexico, Chile, Germany, Palestine and Sudan that symbolize the power of community organizing and collective action against systemic oppression and injustices. The struggle for liberation in our times has been accelerated by the internet and the ability of the people to control and shape narratives of their realities. The impact of documentation has been realized in international mass mobilizations and solidarity while opening up dialogue of important issues that affect our right to live freely.

We wish to highlight the important work of photographers who are connected to the struggles they document, as a critical part of movements and not as passive observers. As witnesses of history, we honour this form of storytelling that brings not only visibility but humanity to our struggles.

* Open air / street exhibition *

30th Aug – 02nd Sept from 11am – 6pm
03rd Sept from 11am to 3pm

Where? at Marielle Franco Platz
in front of New Yorck im Bethanien,
Mariannenplatz , 2a – Berlin

Black Farming Weekend

The event is organised by 3 Black people, Abeni from the @blackearthkollektiv and Black Wendland as well as Karla and Nicole, co-funders of @alotifarm . We are interest in farming in practical as well as politcal and spirutual terms and our goal is to to reclaim and heal our connection to the land.

We are plannning to have a skill share format for the weekend, so every participant can share their perspectives, experiences, questions, knowledge about farming, and specially african indigenous farming techniques. We will have both discussions groups and practical sessions to work the land of aloti farm.

The weekend will take place at Arruda, a self organised queer-feminist living project in Brandenburg with an intersectional approach and anti-discriminatory Seminar House. Arruda also hosts the newly founded aloti-farm, a farm run by a small collective of racialized people.

This is an event for Black people / people of african-descend only.

30 Sept – 02 Oct
Registration <blackfarming@riseup.net>

Queer Elsewhere – Exploring intersecting oppressions of queer migrant youth

We are happy to announce that together with our partner @casakua, we are organizing a week-long international youth gathering ‘Queer elsewhere – Exploring intersecting oppressions of queer migrant youth’ at La Bassa Mar, Spain next month.

We are preparing a whole week of activities where we can exchange our experiences as queer migrants / marginalized youth, exploring parts of our identities that are often unseen.

Let’s create space to grow, to learn / unlearn and strengthen our communities in a loving and caring way.

The registration form is below. Read it carefully and if you feel like this activity is for you then please apply! The gathering is open to youth (18 – 30 yo) based anywhere in Europe. Travel costs, accommodation and food are provided.

We are looking forward to meeting you.
And, like always, kindly share ❤️

Official Call-Out / Application Form

* This activity is co-funded by the European Youth Foundation – Council of Europe & Movement Hub

Decolonizing sexual health

From the global distribution of sexual health resources to our most intimate interactions with our partners, colonization’s impacts can be still felt and seen.

What are the ways colonization has created damage with regard to sexual health? How does such damage unequally impact certain communities more than others? What does decolonization mean in the context of sexuality and sexual health?

These questions will be addressed in this space. Through various inputs and groups/individual activities, the history and narratives around sexual health will be explored.

We will reflect on how historical events and narratives still play out in our contemporary engagement with sexually transmitted infections, and how cultural practices inform current policies and regulations around sexual health.

Finally, we will reflect on how to reclaim power and freedom in sexuality.

When: 24th August 2022 – 18:00
Where: @casakua
Naunynstr. 72, Kreuzberg
Registration: 2022@eyfa.org

This workshop and all EYFA events are free of charge.

Action Climbing Training (AKT) for BIPoC

Warm invitation to the Action Climbing Training (AKT) for BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) People effected by Racism/Antisemitism from August 21-26, 2022 in a forest near Cologne

What is an AKT?
AKT stands for Action Climbing Training. Climbing skills needed for tree climbing and climbing structures are shared in order to be able to implement political actions like banner drops, blockades and much more. Our 6-day intensive training includes all the important basics of technical climbing needed for actions including: Introduction to materials, knot tying, ascending trees with and without ropes, rappelling techniques, belaying techniques, moving at heights, installing and removing ropes, rescue, rope bridge construction, horizontal moving on the rope, rope assisted hanging of banners, action planning and scouting concerning climbing, 1st aid.

Close to Lützerath, when you register there is more information on the exact location. We are trying to organize a shuttle from the next train station.
There is the possibility to camp, an outdoor kitchen as well as sanitary facilities to let the event take place mainly outside.
If you have other needs regarding sleeping space, please contact us and we will find a solution!

BIPoC AKT will take place from August 21-26, 2022. On July 21, arrival is scheduled for late afternoon. So we will start the program in the evening after the first dinner together. The AKT will end in the evening on August 26. It is important to be present for the whole period. Therefore, please register only if this works for you.
If you would like to stay longer in Unser Aller Wald or Lützerath, please contact us and we can arrange a contact.

Who is the AKT for?
This training is for Black, Indigenous and People of Color. This means all people affected by racism and/or anti-Semitism. It is aimed at anyone who wants to be active in political climbing action and/or has a desire to pass on climbing skills to political activists.
It is aimed at BIPoCs with and without previous experience. But it is important for us to emphasize: You don’t need any prior experience! We start from scratch. Even specific climbing equipment is not a prerequisite. Climbing is certainly emotionally and/or physically challenging for many people. Fear of heights, physical limitations, learning difficulties or similar are not directly exclusion criteria! If you would like to participate but have concerns, please contact us. This way we can think of alternatives and you can come to the training encouraged!

Feel free to write your questions or concerns to: bipoc-actionclimbing@riseup.net
You can also register via this email address. We are looking forward to your registration (with name) ((and pronoun)) and will contact you shortly with further information.

Help-desk workshop: Grant writing

A successful grant application can get you money and allow you to implement your project ideas or make them more sustainable.

In these two sessions we will go into the motivations behind grant applications and learn how to identify suitable and unsuitable funders. We will touch on the non-profit industrial complex, introducing some ideas from “The Revolution Will Not Be Funded” by INCITE and examining how we can survive under capitalism and other oppressions and do necessary and sustainable community, artistic and activist work.

We will cover best practice in all basic elements of developing a project and writing a grant application including project proposal, budget and timelines. This interactive lecture will give you the tools to get cracking on your next funding application and identify areas you need to work on. Please bring a project or project idea with you as we will learn by doing!

Duration of the workshop: 2 days
When: 08th and 15th August – 18:30

Where: @oya_bar
Mariannenstr. 06
10997 Berlin

Social Uprising and Other Current struggles in Colombia

We are very happy to invite you the launching event of our project Learning Documentation.
We will start it off on July 24 with the screening of various documentaries and sharing of experiences and perspectives on the social uprising in Colombia in 2021 with three activists from Colombia that are active in the projects @hogueradiystri and @dostristestigres_

There will be vegan soli food! Come tested and vaccinated!

When: 24th July, 19:00

Where: Hausprojekt M29, Malmöerstr. 29, 10429 Berlin

Agri/cultural Practices

Workshop in Berlin on anti-racism, arts and the environment with Mojisola Adebayo, Asmelash Dagne and Nicole Wolf

Are you interested in fighting racism and addressing climate injustice?

Would you like to explore how the arts, gardening and farming can work together?

Are you Black, Asian, Indigenous, a Person of Colour, from a migrant background or a white person committed to anti-racism?

If so – read on!

What is the workshop about?

Agri/cultural practices is a practical experimental workshop that provides an introduction to Permaculture (permanent agriculture) sustainable design ethics and principles through games and exercises from Theatre of the Oppressed, aimed at rehearsing solutions for change. Both Permaculture and Theatre of the Oppressed are informed by Indigenous, Black and working-class knowledge and experience. This way of combining Permaculture and Theatre of the Oppressed was developed through the Neighbourhood Academy at Prinzessinnen Garden, Berlin in 2019. However, this workshop goes further by not only providing an introduction but focussing on anti-racism, climate justice, decolonizing, addressing power structures, understanding the link between colonialism and environmental chaos, challenging environmental racism and exploring the potential of art. The site of the workshop is a garden in development, and we will explore possibilities to design the garden with questions of the workshop in mind.

What will we be doing?

We will be playing games, doing practical exercises, reading, creative writing, observing the landscape and designing, watching theatre, film screenings, receiving contributions from guests, discussing as well as enjoying the countryside, eating healthy food and relaxing in nature.

Where and when will the workshop take place?

16 June 5-9pm, 17 & 18 June 9am-9pm, 19 June 10am-4pm 2022

7-9 October 2022 there will be an optional follow up practical planting workshop activity at Gross Kreutz.

How much will it cost?

The workshop is FREE for Black, Indigenous, People-of-Colour, refugees and non-white migrants. For others, we ask for a contribution of 150-350 Euro (sliding scale).

Who will be facilitating the workshop?

Mojisola Adebayo

Mojisola is Black-British (Yoruba/Danish) queer playwright, performer, producer, facilitator, Lecturer at Queen Mary, University of London and research fellow at Potsdam University, working on environmental racism through theatre. Mojisola holds a BA in Drama and Theatre Arts, an MA in Physical Theatre, a PhD in black queer theatre (University of London). Mojisola trained extensively with Augusto Boal and is a specialist in Theatre of the Oppressed, working particularly in locations of conflict and crisis. She has worked in theatre, radio and television over the past 25 years across four continents, performing in over 50 productions, writing, devising and directing over 30 plays, from Antarctica to Zimbabwe. Her own plays are concerned with racism, climate change, slavery, occupation, homophobia, Islamaphobia, gender-based violence and the Black Lives Matter movement. Publications include her plays in Mojisola Adebayo: Plays One and Plays Two (Oberon Books), 48 Minutes for Palestine (Methuen), The Theatre for Development Handbook (Pan, co-written with John Martin and Manisha Mehta), Wind / Rush Generation(s) (in National Theatre Connections 2020, Methuen) and Black British Queer Plays and Practitioners (Methuen, co-edited with Lynette Goddard. Mojisola is commissioned by Counterpoints Arts. For more see www.mojisolaadebayo.co.uk

Asmelash Dagne

Born and raised in Ethiopia, qualifications include: Diploma of Integrated Natural Science (Hawassa college of Education/Ethiopia), Bachelor of Natural Science (Arba Minch University/Ethiopia), Permaculture Design Diploma (At permaculture institute of Britain/England) and Master of Science in Environmental Resources Management at the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus – Senftenberg/Germany focus on utilizing renewable energy technology to ensure sustainable access tclean water, energy and food in most vulnerable areas of the developing countries. From 2008-2013: I started my career in 2008 as an integrated natural science teacher and school “Permaculture” practitioner. In the years to come, I have received eight regional and national prizes for remarkable achievement in creating a modal education and innovation center for sustainable integrated natural resource management in Ethiopia. From 2014-2016: I worked as “Permaculture” trainer and consultant for SMART-Ethiopia (Sustainable Management of Alternative and Renewable Technologies). Trained over 2000 farmers, students, teachers, and agriculture extension workers in collaboration with various stakeholders (CISS – Ethiopia, LVIA – international, Slow Food International, and others). 2017 – 2018: I worked as assistant general manager at SMART – Ethiopia to install and manage seven solar water pumps to ensure sustainable access to water, energy, and food. Trained farmers and extension work on integrated resource management. Since 2019 I have been Involved in planning and designing a multi years project on Agroforestry for sustainable development of human and nature in rural Ethiopia as external consultant, Environmental consultant and trainer @ EcoPhi Renewables Engineering GabH. See https://bestecodesign.wordpress.com/

Nicole Wolf

Nicole is a white queer German researcher, writer and Senior Lecturer in Visual Cultures (Goldsmiths, University of London) living in Berlin and London. Her background is in exploring political cinemas for their capacity to resist what is deemed to be real and to imagine otherwise. Much of her research and thinking is inspired and informed by artistic and activist practices in South Asia, including in military occupied Kashmir. Nicole started training in Permaculture in 2014 (at Ecodharma, facilitated by Alfred Decker and Caspar Brown), followed by two PC teacher trainings including Rosemary Morrow’s course in Srinagar, Kashmir. Since then she has been passionate about connecting her interest in critical ecologies, anti-colonial environmentalisms, permaculture and creative practice, exploring agriculture as resistance practice and what a cinematics of the soil might be. Collective learning and making processes which draw on diverse knowledges are crucial for all of these questions. Nicole’s participation in ‘Living Archive – Archive Work as a Contemporary Artistic Practice’ and ‘Archive ausser sich’ (both projects by Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art, Berlin) included research and writing for the restoration of film works by Yugantar, the first feminist film collective in India (1980-83) as well as the development of “Soil – City- Solidarity”, an interdisciplinary urban permaculture design course, and the symposium “’Tell me what matter was the ground’ – Repair beyond redemption”. Publications can be found here: https://www.gold.ac.uk/visual-cultures/n-wolf/

Other practical information


• Thursday 16 June, arrival from 2pm is welcome. The workshop will be from 5pm-9pm (including mealtime)

• Friday 17 and Saturday 18 June 9am-9pm (with breaks, meals and optional evening programme)

• Sunday 19 June 10am-4pm (with breaks and mealtime)

October follow up: This will be a chance to get hands on experience by planting an agro forest in 7-9 October, 2022. Friday evening: get together and follow up of June Workshop. Saturday: 9am-9pm, Sunday 10am-4pm: guided planting activities with short inputs and sharings.

Participants are warmly encouraged to attend both parts but if necessary, participants can just attend the June workshop.

Accommodation: Ideally all participants will stay at the workshop site. Accommodation will be simple, clean and basic – camping and indoor shared spaces. It is possible to rent private holiday apartments next door (extra cost).

Transport: Train from Berlin to Gross Kreutz takes 40 minutes. A minibus will be provided from the station to the workshop / accommodation. Driving to the venue and parking is possible.

Food, cooking and cleaning: Vegan / vegetarian food will be provided by an on-site cook. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions. All participants are expected to share in tasks such as food preparation and cleaning up after meals.

Maximum number of participants: 16. The majority of participants will be Black, Asian, Indigenous and or People-of-Colour. Part of the work will be in smaller groups and break out groups can be facilitated.

Language: English, with German translation if needed.

Childcare: Please let us know if you require childcare and we will try to support this.

Access: Unfortunately, the venue is currently not yet accessible to wheelchairs. However, do get in touch to discuss your access needs and we will try to facilitate participation. We will apply a Covid-19 safety policy, even if current laws don’t require that.

Costs: The workshop is free for Black, Asian, Indigenous people, People of Colour, refugees and n

on-white migrants to Germany. For others, we ask for a solidarity ticket of 150-350 Euro (depending on what you can afford). This covers full participation, food, camping/dorm accomodation and will support others. If you are not able to pay the minimum but wish to attend, do get in touch to discuss possibilities!

Partners: This workshop is made possible through Counterpoints Arts (as part of our Across Borders programme funded by Comic Relief) and Havel Kranich.

Full details, including how to apply.

16 – 19 Jun 2022
Groß Kreutz, Brandenburg, Germany