**MOVED ONLINE**EVENT – Panel Discussion: Mutual Aid as an Inclusion Practice, with examples from our Berlin community.

EDIT This Wednesday’s EVENT has been rescheduled and will happen online in June EDIT

As we have had to reorganize our scheduled activities, join us for an online panel discussion as part of the series ‘Plant Awareness to Grow Solidarity’ on 11.06. Our volunteers will moderate the discussion with a few speakers from our network to share on the topic of Mutual Aid.

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EVENT : Anti-Oppression Workshop – Let’s work on Healing

In our current world, oppression often turns up in different forms in our political work and social settings. It’s important for us as organizers and activists to find ways of healing ourselves to be able to effectively challenge discrimination patterns in our societies. Our volunteers will facilitate an engaging anti-oppression workshop on 15. Jan to guide us through some tools and practices of healing from the effects of discrimination and oppression.

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EVENT- Documentary Screening on LGBT inclusion Belarus

This Wednesday, you’re invited to the screening of a short film by MakeOut, a Belarusian queer feminist collective. The documentary focuses on LGBT inclusion from a community-based education work perspective. One of the producers will be present so bring your curiosity as we discuss and learn more about the anti-discrimination project that challenges gender and sexual identity marginalization in Belarus. There will also be some tea and vegan cake served as we officially close the year!

11. Dec 2019, 19:00 in NYimB

Winter march/hike to Davos, Switzerland in January 2020

For the 50th time, representatives from politics, business, science and the
media will meet at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland in January 2020 and claim to improve the world.

However, the climate catastrophe is largely caused by the 1,000 largest
companies around the world who are members of the WEF. Those who travel to Davos in limousines or helicopters have failed. But we are serious about the demand for climate justice, which is why we will put on our hiking boots and walk to Davos.

The environmental movement has gained breadth and strength through the climate strikes. As part of the “by 2020 we rise up” campaign, the year 2020 is to be used to bring about urgently needed changes so that future generations of humans and animals can find a planet worth inhabiting. The winter hike is part of the international climate movement.

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EVENT – Presentation and Discussion: Belarus and Ukraine – our struggles for social justice there

Join our 3 volunteers for an info evening as they share presentations on their social justice work from their respective home contexts (Ukraine and Belarus). They will present their perspectives on inter-sectional discrimination based on gender, sexuality, class and ethnicity based on their lived experiences. This will be an interactive discussion so all are welcome to ask questions and share their struggles and visions.

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