“No more war” materials

EYFA’s partners, allies, volunteers and followers are making #NoMoreWar campaign possible. Together we aim to build alliances across differences, centering the ones most affected by war.

Special thanks for this beautiful campaign materials goes to our partners and volunteers in Ukraine and Russia. Solidarity knows no borders!

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#nomorewar Campaign – 2 info events in Warsaw

For all who care about the topic of war and migration. For these, who spend their time next to computers and others screens following, commenting, posting and disputing about the politic, social and economical problems and challenges we face in our times. For engaged, motivated and efficient activists in order to improve their skills in fighting for social change.

But if you still do not feel convinced come anyway! We will talk about social media, its advantages but critic as well, we will share our perspectives on war and migration and discuss strategies in building alliances and solidarity based connections.

18.11.2017 we are meeting at 5 pm with students of Alternative Educational Space (Pulawska 37), the event is open and will focus on youths’ experiences with social media campaign.

19.11.2017 at 7 pm we have a space reserved in LVB (Krucza 23) to talk in the informal atmosphere with vegan snacks.

Both evens are open, no registration, no fees, in Polish, but English translation is available.

New Campaign Launch: #nomorewar

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new campaign called “NO MORE WAR!” aka #nomorewar


Main Theme of the Campaign
The main theme is war, its causes and its effects on migration. We want to collect and promote perspectives on war and migration, from a point of view of the affected. Together we aim to build alliances across differences, centering the ones most affected by war.

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Social Entrepreneurship, Youth and Vocational Education Forum: Towards Collaborative Practice 2018

This call-out for an opportunity to learn more about the Youth and Vocational Education sectors is getting us inspired for 2018.

The EYFA Network is interested in exploring economic justice in our upcoming projects. We know that there are many alternatives that youth can explore for their economic sustainability that are inclusive of environmental and social justice principles. It’s just about finding out how and getting creative! We’re excited to hear about what comes up at this Social Entrepreneurship, Youth and Vocational Education Forum: Towards Collaborative Practice 2018 in Liverpool in March.

Application Deadline: 4th December

For more details about the Forum, check out the SALTO website.

Call for Connecting Movements Camp 18.-29.8.17

Connecting Movements Camp 2017 in Rhineland
Between the 18th and 29th the Connecting Movements (CoMo) Camp in the Rhineland is connecting people engaged in different social movements and struggles, to develop new perspectives of an emancipatory politic. Very often we are fighting with different focuses – climate justice, freedom of movements and right to stay, (queer-)feminism or food sovereignty – in various places and there is little time left for exchange.
But the more diverse our backgrounds are, the more we can learn from each other! We want to discuss about questions, utopias and strategies of different struggles. The CoMo-Camp will open a space for networking and reflection, to empower us for collective actions and to enable a progress of social movements!
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2nd Warsaw Independent Bookfair – callout

The second edition of the Warsaw Independent Bookfair will take place on
September 9 and 10, 2017. The fair will be hosted by the ADA autonomous social centre (Puławska, 37) and accompanied by events including discussions, lectures, workshops and concerts. We warmly invite writers and translators, artists and researchers, publishers and librarians (and also those who do not fit into these categories) to join us in promoting
and putting into practice the idea of independent publishing and self-organisation.
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Invitation to an intergalactic week in the ZAD – Notre-Dame-Des-Landes – August 12th to 20th

An autonomous zone against an airport project and its world

For over 50 years, farmers and locals have resisted the building of a new airport for the French city of Nantes (which by the way already has one). Now in these rich fields, forests and wetlands, which multinational Vinci wants to cover in concrete, an experiment in
reinventing everyday life in struggle is blossoming. Radicals from around the world, local farmers and villagers, citizen groups, trade unionists and naturalists, refugees and runaways, squatters and climate justice activists and many others, are organising to protect the 4000 acres of land against the airport and its world. Government officials have coined this place “a territory lost to the republic”. Its occupants have named it : la zad (zone a défendre) zone to defend. In the winter of 2012, more than a thousand of riot police attempted to evict the zone, but they faced a determined and diverse resistance. This
culminated in a 40,000 people strong demonstration to rebuild some of what had been destroyed by the French State. Less than a week later, the police was forced to stop what they called “Operation Cesar”. Since then, la zad has been progressively freeing itself from the state and consumerist society and has been connecting with other struggles,
regionally and beyond. The movement is alive with the possibility of victories.
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