Welcome to the new EYFA website!

After a long period of planning, scheming and dreaming we’re happy to finally be able to launch our new website. It’s a work in progress so come back for more updates.

If you’re looking for any materials that were available on the old website you can still access everything here at http://archive.eyfa.org.

Creative Action Training

For Central and Eastern European Organizers
September 9-13, 2014
Budapest, Hungary

As global temperatures rise, we see a new urgency for social and political action. The fpic troubleossil fuel industry is polluting our bodies, our land, our atmosphere and even our democracies. We are up against the richest corporations in the history of money – to stop them we are going to have to get creative!

Read more: http://beautifultrouble.org/creative-action-training-budapest

CALL FOR SUPPORT: translation and publication of Emma Goldman’s “Living my life” in Russian


emmaThe publishing cooperative Radical Theory & Practice from Moscow has initiated a new project: translating Emma Goldman’s autobiography “Living My Life” into Russian and printing it for distribution. This will be the first ever, integral translation of the work into Russian; three abridged chapters were translated in 2009 by Sharapov*. This work consists of 56 chapters in which Goldman describes her political and personal life: her childhood, her time in Russia and reflections on the Russian Revolution, going on till 1927. The book was first published in English in two parts in 1931 and 1934, and has been reissued several times since, and translated into many other languages, but never into Russian.

This text is relevant not only as part of the body of libertarian and feminist works on theory & practice, but also for  historians, social scientists and feminists outside in all of the post-soviet countries. Such a translation will find an audience in
Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia and further on amongst Russian readers.

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Resistance against the Eisenhüttenstadt Deportation factory is necessary! We are a group of refugees and solidary people who have been fighting against the deportation jail and isolation for more than one year. We have been fighting for our right to stay where we want, to go where and when we want. We demand a better life! What is the necessity of the deportation jail?

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Rosia Montana Activist Social Forum

The Rosia Montana Activist Social Forum takes place during FânFest, the hay festival of Roșia Montană, and the biggest multi-art activist festival in Romania. 2014 marks the 3rd edition of the RMForum, which is scheduled from the 12 to the 16th of August, and the 9th edition of the festival.

The fight against cyanide based gold mining and corruption often touches upon other initiatives, campaigns and struggles around Europe. The #RMForum unites these energies, discussions and calls for action in a social gathering open to the wide public. With more than 30 workshops, three plenaries and speakers from 10 countries, the Rosia Montana social forum is the biggest of its kind in Romania.

Find out more about FânFest and the Rosia Montana Activist Social Forum.

Earth First Summer Gathering! August

a place for people involved in radical green direct action to come together to talk, share skills, learn, listen, play, rant, find out whats going on, scheme, live outdoors, hang out, laugh.

experience non hierarchical, low impact, family friendly living.

Find out more about the gathering here: http://efgathering.weebly.com/


An activist camp that spans 5 days and consists of a programme of workshops throughout each day facilitated by people like you and me who think they have a skill or a level of knowledge in a subject that is valuable to share with others to improve their activism. You can facilitate a workshop by using the contact form. All workshops are optional – go to what you want/think will help you develop.

The camp is run on the principle of consensus decision making.

We are ALL crew and participants – the person writing this is a volunteer and pays to get in like you do – you will be expected to help run the camp, with jobs needing to be done announced in a camp-wide morning meeting. This will also make you feel like a core part of this camp…because you are and it literally couldn’t run without you!

Everyone is really friendly, you don’t need to come with friends – you’ll make them, and it’s a chance to link up with like-minded individuals for planning future actions – whatever they may be…

EYFA Newsletter — Summer 2014

Back by popular demand, here is a round up of activists events, gatherings, camps and meetings happening around Europe this summer.

Have an event planned this summer or autumn that should be included? Email eyfa [at] eyfa.org and we’ll add it to the website.

1. Ecotopia Biketour – tour still being defined
2. The Beat of Courage; the Shape of Hope: Berlin, Germany
3. Musta Pispala — Anarchist Counter-Culture festival: Tampere, Finland
4. Cycling alternatives — Neolution: around Europe
5. Autonomous Workers Union Summer Camp: Ukraine
6. Climate camp in the Rhineland: Borschemich, Germany
7. War Starts Here Camp:  near Magdeburg, Germany
8. Reboot Ecotopia Meeting: Berlin, Germany
9. Fantastic Convergence of Resistance: Frankfurt (Main), Germany
10. Pense Comme Une Foret, Belgium

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Vostok Forum 2014: Call for participants

Humanistic youth movement Murmansk, Roter Baum e.V. Leipzig, Demokratic Youth Forum Brandenburg and AG Russland invite you to participate in the transnational summer academy Vostok Forum in Murmansk region/ Russia.

What is the Vostok Forum?
The Vostok forum is a non-commercial exchange project of political self-education with its own specific features, which takes place since 2006 in the region of Murmansk. During the project our main principles are self-organization and self-empowerment. Coordinators only create the conditions. The program of the summer academy (including cultural leisure
activities) is flexibly taking into account interests of the participants. The project is supported by the Rosa-Luxemburg foundation.

Place: Murmansk region, accommodation in a tourist base near Murmansk and few days in hotel in Murmanks

Time: 28.07.- 06.08.2014

Titel: »Looking back and looking forward«

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Launching the Skillsharing website

The Skillshare Portal is an easy-to-access portal to resource guides and workshop modules that are made by and for activist groups across Europe in topics like consensus and facilitation , strategy / anti-oppression and direct action. There is an amazing amount of knowledge and skills in activist networks around the world and this website hopes to make these as accessible as possible. There are resources and modules in various languages and from diverse contexts.


Ignite! An anti-racist toolkit

“The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.”–Audre Lorde

Ignite is a collection of texts and workshops to be used in formal and non-formal anti-racist education.  The materials are being translated into 5 languages (English, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Romani).  The toolkit is now online at the following link: http://antiracist-toolkit.net

A key principle in the creation and selection of materials for this toolkit is the use of an anti-oppression framework, based on a structural and historical approach.  In Europe, much of the education (both formal and non-formal) about differences amongst people, discrimination and prejudice focus on the individual. It looks at the behaviour and attitudes of individual people, with the purpose of helping us to understand our differences and learn more about each other’s experiences and cultures. However, it tends to ignore or undervalue systems of power and long-term historical perspectives.

In creating this Toolkit, we wanted to explore how the concepts and ideas relate to a central-east European context (Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania in particular) and adapt them where required. Roma people and communities continue to experience widespread persecution and stigmatisation, a phenomenon which has been ingrained in European cultures for hundreds of years. Building awareness of the situation is not enough. Tolerance within individuals is not enough. We want to promote social change towards ending racism and Romaphobia!

Call for Support: Protest March to Bruxelles




Interconnected Refugee & Migrant Movements – Protest March against Fortress Europe!

From Strasbourg to Brussels, May and June 2014

The European council and the European ministers of foreign affairs make racist and prohibitive policies against refugees and migrants on a very high level. In reaction to the recent admitted mass drowning in the Mediterranean, they only concluded to arm the forces that control and aggressively prevent people’s movement, such as frontex. They will hold their next summit at the 26th and 27th of June in Brussels.