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Irina must stay!

On 6 December Irina was detained by UKBA taken to Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre on ‘fast track’, a system which allows asylum claims to be processed within 2 weeks, and less than 1% of such claims are successful.

Irina is at threat of certain imprisonment because of her political activity. She was harassed, followed, and attacked by state officials, the police and far right groups because of her political activism and LGBTQ status. Testimony from Russian activists and public figures shows the danger to Irina’s life.

After a international support campaign Irina has been set free, you can read here her release statement:


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The Beat of Courage; the Shape of Hope: creative resistance in the face of catastrophe

A 2 day workshop with The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination

Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 July 2014 – 10am to 6pm Berliner Festspiele - Schaperstraße 24 - 10719 Berlin

“As a society we are caught between a sense of impending apocalypse and the fear of acknowledging it. In this 'caught' place our responses are blocked and confused. On one level we maintain a more or less up-beat capacity to carry on as usual… and all the while, underneath, there is this inchoate knowledge that our world could go at any moment. Unless we find ways of acknowledging and integrating that level of anguished awareness, we repress it; and with that repression we are drained of the energy we need for action.” Joanna Macy

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Hunger strike and protests now in 3 UK migration prisons

Events so far as of Wednesday 7 May 2PM.

On Friday (2 May) over 150 detainees in Harmondsworth migration prison occupied the main courtyard in a sit down protest and began a mass hunger strike. On Monday (5 May) supporters held solidarity noise demos outside Harmondsworth and simultaneously at Dungavel (Scotlans). Yesterday evening (Tuesday 6 May) protests started to spread to Colnbrook and Brook House migration prisons.

At lunchtime on Friday 2 May over 150 people detained in Harmondsworth, the UK's largest migration prison run by corporation GEO group for the Home Office, staged a sit-down occupation of the main courtyard and began hunger strike. They issued a set of demands (see below) protesting against the ‘Fast Track’ system, under which refugees seeking asylum are immediately imprisoned before their claims are even heard, as well as further mistreatment in detention.

See the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ow8MaauT13c

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Scholarship: “Shaping Europe Civic Education in Action”

A scholarship program for professionals active in Citizenship Education from Central and South eastern Europe

Closing date for applications: June 3rd 2014

New in 2014: Applicants from Turkey are welcome!

Ausschreibung: Stipendium Europa gestalten - Politische Bildung in Aktion (German version see below/ deutscher Text siehe unten) the German Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) and the Robert Bosch Stiftung are awarding up to 16 scholarships to active professionals from Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Greece, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Turkey.

We are looking for people at the beginning of their professional careers who wish to be active internationally. We expect applicants to already be actively promoting democracy and social responsibility in their own countries and to be engaged in civic education. We offer participants the opportunity to become an intern in a German institution active in civic education matters. Additionally they will participate in the network of European political education.

The working language in the program is German. Find further information in English here: http://www.bpb.de/die-bpb/148137/shaping-europe-civic-education-in-action

Please forward this information to people who might be interested in an application!

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Call for a Transnational Meeting of the struggle for the right to housing and income and experiences of mutual aid.

13th 14th 15th June 2014 @ Cs Cantiere - Milan, Italy

Are you in a stopevictions collective? Practicing the occupation of empty buildings as an answer to austerity? Struggling for the right to the city or defending your territory from a speculation? C'mon!

We are a network of social centers and collectives born in 2009 to organize the struggles against the evictions of people that cannot pay rents or mortgages of their homes or that are occupying empty homes as a solution of the impossibility to have their own home. In this years, we've shared the experiences of practicing resistance against crisis: we've blocked hundreds evictions, and thanks to the practice of occupy, thousands of people have an home. We share experiences, practices and languages from the territories: as we used to say some years ago "act local think global", we want to meet other people doing this kind ow struggles and connect each other to organize the resistance against the financial dictatorship and neoliberal power, sure that another world is still possible ;)

Read the meeting call out (English, Spanish, Italian, French, Greek): Here

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Resist Festival, Warsaw

Feel invited for the 4th edition of RESIST FESTIVAL

Resistance strategies Of Social Movements.


Feel invited for the 4th edition of RESIST FESTIVAL – Resistance strategies Of Social Movements.


Resist Festival aims to libertarian movements’ integration and exchange experiance about resistance strategies against authorities andtireactionary radical nationalists. Our goal is to sustain already existing and build new networks of support and cooperation.

This time, we prepared for you 3 days! Three days of workshops, meetings and presentations. There gonna be two main blocks: queer-feminist and no-border. Also issues about anarchy, ecology and pro-animal movement.

Festival website

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Summer EVS placement in Svitac, Brcko

VS Summer projects in Bosnia for artists & musicians, Firefly International
(You must be UK citizen or live in UK at the time you apply)


Firefly International are seeking creative and energetic volunteers aged 18-30 for summer placements working with community youth arts organisation, Svitac, in Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Placements from June to September offer the chance to design and deliver community arts/dance/music workshops to young people (aged 7-25), support ongoing creative and educational activities and be part of summer activity camps.

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Call for Support: Protest March to Bruxelles

Interconnected Refugee & Migrant Movements - Protest March against Fortress Europe!

From Strasbourg to Brussels, May and June 2014

The European council and the European ministers of foreign affairs make racist and prohibitive policies against refugees and migrants on a very high level. In reaction to the recent admitted mass drowning in the Mediterranean, they only concluded to arm the forces that control and aggressively prevent people’s movement, such as frontex. They will hold their next summit at the 26th and 27th of June in Brussels.

Flyer (pdf format)

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Call out for no border activists: come to Tanger!

To read the call out for activists that was launched by the group No Borders Morocco, click on “Read more”



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Sexion Doundou, a new migrants blog

Some migrants in Tangier, the Sexion Doundou, started their own blog to tell about their experiences here and en route, and share their thoughts about life, borders, freedom and migration.

Sexion Doundou explained in their own words:

Sexion Doundou is a positive thought. Because life can be two things. You either survive or you die. For now we are surviving, but we dont know what will happen tomorrow. Sexion Doundou is something we created between us, to bring unity and solidarity. We came here with the mission to cross. So this is the kind of thing we can do to give each other courage. Sexion Doundou resembles the good things we do, we want it to be something positive, a way we can talk to our brothers and make them conscious. Thats our mission and thats what we are fighting for. Because we are all struggling to make life better.

You find the blog here: http://sexiondoundou.wordpress.com

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